Convergint understands your most pressing campus challenges.

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We provide integrated security, fire,
and life safety systems to protect
your campus and mitigate risk.

Featured Solution:
IP-Enabled Campus Locks

Boost Efficiency & Security with
IP-Enabled Locks

Imagine if every door on your campus was a smart portal.  What if you could add or remove users with the click of a button?  What if you could have an activity report for every door on a single floor generated and emailed in under five minutes?  What if every lock on campus synchronized with your cardholder database and was updated real-time based on changes in users, access levels, and schedules?  This is the power of IP-enabled locks from Convergint.

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Edge-to-core provider of electronic
and physical security solutions for
higher education campuses.


ADA Openers

Campus Lockdown

Mobile Security Officer

Multi-Tech Credentials

Campus One-Card Integrations

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Video Analytics

Low-Light Cameras

Multi-Campus Solutions

Integrated Video & Access

CrimeEye Public Safety Systems

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Advanced Solutions

Asset Tracking

Badge & Card Services

Environmental Monitoring

Virtual Server Environments

Cardholder Database Integrations

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PoE and Wi-Fi Locks

Controlled Key Systems

Locks & Locking Hardware

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Emergency Communications

Panic Alerts

Video Intercom

Mesh Networks

Alarm Monitoring

Emergency Blue Light Phones

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Fire & Mass Notification

UL Listed Monitoring

Web Based Reporting

Program Management

Audio/Visual Notification

System Testing & Inspection

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Higher Education Campus Partners

Contract vehicles simplify the procurement process and provide national purchasing power to eligible agencies.


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With a culture of integrity, accountability, and excellence, Convergint is committed to being your best service provider.

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Our ten Values & Beliefs are the foundation of all that we do

Values & Beliefs

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We expect to be our customers' best service provider

Service Excellence

• Expect to be best service provider
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Global Capabilities

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Value-Added Services

Our value-added services make your life easier

Value-Added Services

• iCare Web Service Portal
• The Playbook
• Program Management
• Professional Services

Advanced Solutions

A consultative approach producing business outcomes

Advanced Solutions

• Risk reduction
• Regulatory compliance
• Proactive, not reactive
• Tangible economic benefit

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