Financial institutions are facing an increasingly more sophisticated array of security threats every day. Although a physical access control system provides protection of a financial institution’s assets, there is a growing need to enhance the level of security to meet an ever-changing threat landscape.

Many large organizations over-entitle their employees, meaning they grant them with more credentials than necessary. In fact, Convergint partner RightCrowd estimates that 50 to 90 percent of employees are over-entitled, and once access is granted, it is almost never revoked. Security process automation can help minimize this problem.

Security Process Automation

RightCrowd empowers security departments to streamline, and then use technology to lock down manual processes.

For example, technology automates and secures the process of requesting and approving access requests. When a request is created, a workflow is automatically initiated, requesting approval from relevant approvers. Approvers can be customized for specific site areas, including functional managers responsible for a specific area, the requestor’s line manager, the security director, and others. When all necessary approvals are received, the system automatically provisions the user with the approved access into an enterprise’s physical access control system.

4 Step Diagram Requesting and Approving Right Crowd

Convergint and RightCrowd also automate and secure processes including:

  • Smart Onboarding – Automated, authorized access scanning for provisioning new hires

  • Access Changes – Automated administration of access requests

  • Competency & Certification Enforcement – Certifications confirmed before entry is allowed

  • Regulatory Compliance – Enforce real-time compliance through physical security systems

  • Visitor Management – Automate data collection and policy compliance before entry

  • Audit Reporting – Proactively identify who has access to what and why

  • Time On Site – Integrate HR, operational, and security systems

  • Termination – Automatically revoke all physical and network access at termination

Financial security solutions from RightCrowd and Convergint help security departments scale their service programs, improve policy compliance, and reduce cost or increase efficiency.

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