Ensuring the safety of everyone in an operational facility is challenging for any business, especially industrial facilities. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the United States alone has on average 99 workplace deaths per week. Site safety incidents of this magnitude have serious regulatory, insurance, union, cost, and worker implications. A serious workplace accident can be catastrophic for the workers’ family and result in expensive work stoppages, compensation, investigations and additional compliance requirements. OSHA also recognizes that employers can abate many hazards through straightforward, cost-effective solutions.

Convergint Technologies, partnered with RightCrowd, has solutions to ensure that site access will only be granted to employees, contractors, and visitors who are compliant with company policy. With RightCrowd, security and safety administrators can configure policies, integrate source data from HR, corporate or third-party systems, and then enforce the policy through the physical access control system, including:

  • Training & Certifications
    Certain areas of a worksite can include potentially dangerous mobile equipment, chemicals or ‘hot’ areas. The solution ensures that only people who are trained and certified to be in the area, are granted access.

  • Random Drug & Alcohol Checks
    Drug & alcohol abuse is a major source of workplace accidents. With this solution, employees can be randomly selected for drug & alcohol testing. Selection will ensure the employee’s access card is disabled and security staff will be notified to escort the staff member to the testing facility. Upon a successful testing result, the staff member’s badge is re-enabled.

  • Fatigue Management
    Fatigue is a major workplace accident risk and impacts productivity. The software monitors how long staff have been on site and whether mandated rest periods have been taken. Staff with insufficient rest periods will be temporarily denied access to the site. The solution also flags staff on site who are in breach of the policy, with their manager and security staff notified.

  • Contractor Management
    Unqualified contractors represent a major safety and insurance risk. The software ensures that contractors’ certifications, training, induction, and insurances are all properly vetted before they are permitted on site.

  • Visitor Management
    Industrial facilities often require inductions covering safety, confidentiality and other site-specific functions. The solution supports an end-to-end visitor management process, and through self-service kiosks, can run safety videos and present contracts which visitors must digitally agree to prior to being granted site access.

  • Exposure Management
    Many sites have regulatory requirements to manage the long-term health effects of chemical and other industrial exposure. The software ensures that only people certified and trained for the area can gain access and monitor the person’s exposure periods. The solution provides audit records to support regulatory compliance.

Ensure that work sites are kept safe for all employees, contractors, and visitors. These solutions not only provide assurance but also provide a high degree of automation which minimizes the administrative burden on security staff in enforcing these policies, while minimizing the likelihood of policy circumvention.

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