Convergint takes pride in service excellence. “We expect to be our customers’ best service provider” is one of the core Values & Beliefs that helps set Convergint apart. Convergint invests annually in training and certification to ensure colleagues are highly trained and skilled to be prepared to serve any customer.

Service Specialist Tom Szolis from Nashville, TN has been recognized for his outstanding dedication to his customers and the diversified skills he has acquired from the extensive training he has undergone.

With over 25 years of experience, Tom has many certifications, including ;

  • Genetec

  • Milestone

  • Lenel

  • Bosch

  • Amag

  • Avigilon

  • Software House

  • DMP Alarm Panels

  • IDenticard

  • 3 VR

  • Microsoft Systems Engineer

Tom is the recipient of a Convergint ACE award, an honor that recognizes service excellence. His customers comments illustrate exactly why he was awarded this: “Tom is our superhero! He is always quick to come to our facility and save the day. He never leaves without fixing the problem or having a solution in progress. He is friendly, personable, and gets along with everyone he comes in contact with at our facility. He is a straight shooter and gets right down to the root of the problem,” said Julia Longman from Hollister.

“We often have ‘off-the-wall’ issues, and if it is something he is unfamiliar with, he calls and has someone walk him through the process instead of us having to wait or call someone else. We recently needed our badge printer serviced and he went above and beyond to package it and send it for us so that we did not have to. For me personally, that saved time and worry as I was unsure how to package it up. He has also stayed past 5 multiple times to help resolve an issue before the next business day. That means a lot to us and we appreciate Tom for all that he does!” Longman added.

In his free time, Tom tends to his 22 acres of land and is a real estate agent. Below are further acknowledgments of Tom’s dedication to his customers and work. 



“He is always prompt and courteous. He goes above and beyond in trying to solve any problem I throw at him. Tom is also always available for questions and quickly responds to emails or texts. He never gives up either, if there is an issue he will work through it; reaching out to all his resources until he finds a solution.”


“Tom is a true professional. Tom has really kept an aging system running smoothly and operational. He never leaves any job incomplete.”

Quality of Work

“Tom is an excellent service technician and has always worked hard to meet my expectations as a client. He is extremely knowledgeable and was able to resolve multiple issues with our system when Convergint took over the service contract three years ago.”

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