Convergint Technologies excels in managing complex Global Accounts by improving processes, enhancing safety, and supporting business objectives. The Global Accounts team at Convergint understands the risks and threats facing organizations and provides unique solutions and strategies tailored to meet highly specific security requirements.

Convergint’s global footprint includes APAC, EMEA, and North America, with plans to expand its geographic reach through continued growth. In order to provide consistent services to clients around the world, Convergint’s Vice President of Global Accounts Mike Duncan leads a team of experts focused on solving difficult security problems for clients. Here Mike shares information about Convergint’s Global Accounts team and provides insight for security professionals who are looking for answers on how to control risk and manage a global enterprise security program.

Tell us about your professional background.

I have over 35 years of experience in the distribution and integration of video, wireless, data, and electronic security products. My background includes executive positions in sales, marketing, and senior management with AT&T, Anixter, and WESCO.

Tell us about your role at Convergint.

I joined Convergint Technologies in June of 2015 and am responsible for the development and implementation of our strategy for Global Accounts. My team consists of business development managers across the globe. These team members are experts in their specific region, and they also are assigned to be the global business development lead for multiple accounts. In addition, I also have a couple of global account managers on my team who are responsible for program management to help assure operational consistency throughout the world.

What classifies as a Global Account?

No one criterion determines a Global Account; we evaluate the account against several criteria, including:

  • Global or national footprint with reach into APAC and/or Europe 
  • Client is looking for global standardization
  • Client has centralized decision making
  • Client has a need for customized solutions (Advanced Solutions)

Not all Global Accounts that Convergint services with this team are actually “global” in the strictest sense. Some are large, multi-site accounts that are more strategic in nature. 

What’s the best way to coordinate teams across a global company?

We have found that assigning a dedicated program manager is key to success when working with large, complex organizations that operate across multiple regions. This individual acts as a single point of coordination, assigned to manage and oversee all Convergint engagements with that customer. Providing complete operational oversight, program managers work with the customer, the local Convergint teams, and partners to ensure consistent delivery and adherence to standards. Benefits of a program manager include consistency, adherence to standards and regulations, operational efficiencies, and regular and proactive communications.

How does Convergint keep track of each customer’s unique needs for complex organizations like Global Accounts?

To support customers, the Convergint Playbook, which outlines clear guidelines and objectives for proposing, installing, and servicing facilities, is created by  the customer’s program manager. The playbook defines items such as key stakeholders, customer locations, invoicing details, standard equipment, and labor rates. It serves as a reference guide for our teams performing work with customers, establishing formal processes and clear expectations.

What tools does Convergint use to work towards being a global customer’s best service provider?

Convergint’s online service portal, iCare, is a great tool for providing excellent service to Global Accounts.  iCare is a web-based portal that provides real-time, online access to service work orders, including detailed information on current activities. The tool provides an executive overview of metrics that include financial reporting. In addition, iCare can also serve as a collaborative document sharing platform for key documents and track proposals through the RFP module.

What are some common security problems you see for Global Accounts?

Most of our Global Accounts are based out of a centralized location and have a very limited amount of staff. So the true value that we bring as a global provider is to help manage sites around the world through our global platform.

For example, if you’re a global security director with 100 sites, you have the option of going out to potentially 100 different integrators and 100 different sites to manage them. Or, you have the option of coming to us for consistent management of your sites. We can reduce your pain, especially from a global perspective as you may have language issues, cultural issues, currency issues, and different time zones to deal with. 

What are some common Advanced Solutions you see implemented for Global Accounts?
Many times Global Accounts could benefit from implementing an Advanced Solution. Advanced Solutions are those that collect, analyze, and act on relevant business data gathered from security systems. Some challenges Advanced Solutions are looking to solve include identity & access management, situational awareness, and sensor data analytics. Advanced Solutions focus on PIAM, SMS, mass notification, dashboards, fusion centers, and smart sensors.

Why partner with Convergint?

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