A Dedicated Tool for Enhanced Project Management

Convergint’s mission is to create unparalleled value for its customers when delivering any project, regardless of its size or complexity. To enhance the project management process for all its projects, Convergint has developed an iTrac web-based platform.

iTrac streamlines communication between stakeholders, provides instant access to the key documentation and, ultimately, deliveres time-saving and cost-efficient benefits for customers.

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iTrac Benefits 

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iTrac Features

Real-Time Project Overview

Prompt Access to the Key Documentation

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iCare Customer Service Portal

A web-based customer resource providing real-time, online access to service and installation work orders, management reporting, and secure document sharing that enables easy collaboration between Convergint and its customers.


Building Reports Inspection Reporting Portal

A web-based portal that allows Convergint customers to instantly access all the inspections performed by the Convergint team, download detailed reports as well as easily monitor and track the status of all of their system devices. 


iTrac Project Management Platform

A value-added tool that allows for real-time project management, providing a secure online environment where all stakeholders are able to efficiently collaborate on both individual sites and highly complex projects.

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