iCare Customer Portal Eases Collaboration With Customers 

As a service-based systems integrator, Convergint places special importance on providing top-quality service. In fact, to live up to our Values & Beliefs of being our customers’ best service provider, we developed the iCare Customer Portal. iCare is a web-based customer resource providing real time, online access to  service and installation work ordersmanagement reporting, and secured document-sharing, to provide easy collaboration between Convergint and the customer. 

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iCare Benefits 

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iCare Features 

  • Financial spend 

  • Metrics & reporting 

  • Online libary for sharing & collaboration 

  • Service work order entry, status, & process 

  • Supports service delivery & process 

  • Web-based, real-time information portal 

Convergint has a history of successful iCare deployments both nationally and globally. Our customers are experiencing the value that iCare can bring to their organizations including cost reductions, enhanced communications, and most importantly a single place for reports, work orders, documents, and feedback.

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