Convergint Values and Beliefs, #6:“We expect to be our customers’ best service provider.” This is something the company doesn’t take lightly. A major player on Convergint’s service team is, of course, the service specialists. In order to refine and flex their technical and customer service skills, the service specialists compete in an annual Top Tech Customer Service Competition.

The Top Tech competition is a colleague development program designed to provide consistency in our service specialist’s customer service skills, understanding of the iCare standard work order process, and technical troubleshooting knowledge. The contest begins locally with the winners of each competing in the regional championship. From there, winners compete with the cream-of-the-crop from the United States and Canada. 

“The Top Tech annual Competition/Certification program allows our service specialists the opportunity to showcase their skills in three key areas of service delivery: customer service, iCare, and technical ability. Our local, regional, and North American champions are able to meet colleagues from other CTC’s building new relationship across the Convergint Nation. The program re-enforces and helps our CTC’s provide consistent service excellence to our customers,  which is in accordance with our Values and Beliefs #6: We expect to be our Customers best service provider.”

– David Holliday, Director of Service Operations at Convergint Technologies

Competition Modules 

  • Customer Service and Safety Presentation – Each specialist is judged on their ability to present themselves in a professional manner. Scoring takes into account dress code, attitude, how the specialist presents themselves to a customer, verbal skills, understanding of safety processes (JHA’s), and an understanding of customer’s issue. 

  • iCare Update and Understanding – At the beginning of each specialist certification/competition work order module, the specialist will be dispatched an iCare service work order. The specialist will be required to update the iCare work order as they progress through the mock work order. Updates must be correct with proper grammar.

  • Technical Troubleshooting – Service specialists will be responding to a customer site work order. The specialist will be required to troubleshoot an issue within a maximum time limit of 15 mins. The Issue(s) may be created in the equipment, software, programming, or proper layout of equipment. The specialist will survey, determine, and complete correction of the technical issue(s). 

Convergint’s 2017 Top Tech will be crowned and carry the honor throughout 2018. Holding the Top Tech title locally, regionally, or nationally will allow this colleague the opportunity to help in developing the service skills of newer service specialists and the location’s service delivery. 

The 2016 North American winner was Steve Krinner from Convergint’s Tampa CTC. The 2017 Top Tech championship competition will be held in April with all regional winners competing. The program is available to all U.S. and Canadian CTCs, with EMEA coming online in the program next year. Check back for the 2017 winner announcement.