The second of Convergint’s Values & Beliefs is: “I am accountable for my continuous development”, and this applies to not only individual colleagues, but to Convergint as an organization as well. Convergint Women Connect has been created with the mission of connecting the women of Converging Nation to inspire them, support them, and develop their leadership mentality. This group offers the chance for Convergint to become a stronger company through the benefits gained by developing and leveraging the power of Convergint’s female colleagues. 

The newly formed Convergint Women Connect group recently met for their first annual meeting. Held in Chicago, Illinois, Convergint colleagues traveled from around the globe to connect and celebrate the women of Convergint. This first annual meeting was an opportunity to network, partake in colleague development, and discuss the importance of women in security and the role women play in the overall success of Convergint.

Convergint Women Connect

Convergint Women Connect encourages collaboration amongst the women within the Convergint Nation. We want to help the women in our organization develop and grow professionally. This group is meant to bring a balance of women and men to the organization.”

~Vicky Lowe, Regional Director Global Accounts, Member of the Convergint Women Connect Steering Committee

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