Convergint Technologies is presenting at the Charleston Defense Contractors Association’s (CDCA) annual conference, the Small Business Industry Outreach Initiative, on March 20 at the Trident Technical College from 7:30 AM until 4:30 PM. To register for this event, visit the CDCA website.

Convergint will be presenting solutions and services that provide operational knowledge, improve processes, enhance safety, and support business objectives for these high-security organizations. Some of the information that will be presented is listed below.

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Solutions for Highly Secure Organizations

  • Convergint is UL 2050 CRZH-certified. This national industrial security system certificate includes installation, testing, service, and maintenance of alarm systems. Convergint maintains multiple certified locations throughout the United States.

  • Convergint has Advanced Solutions designed to collect, analyze, and act on relevant business data gathered from security systems, as well as open-source systems gathered by security systems. Among those solutions are identity management systems, situational management systems, dashboards, and smart sensors, to name a handful. The most popular trends in the industry include facial recognition, active shooter detection, and mobile credentialing. 

  • For highly secure organizations, securing at the perimeter is vital. The costs of this initiative pale in comparison to the costs an owner or operator may face if their facility is compromised. Some perimeter protection solutions include barriers & gates, laser detection, and thermal imaging.

  • Convergint Technologies’ Global Accounts team helps to simplify global security integration with coverage across North America, Europe, and Canada. The Global Accounts team consists of colleagues across the globe. These team members are experts in their specific region, and they also are assigned to be the global business development lead for multiple accounts.

  • When working with large, complex organizations that operate across multiple regions, Convergint has found that assigning a dedicated program manager is key to success. This individual acts as a single point of coordination, assigned to manage and oversee all Convergint engagements with customers. Program managers work with the customer, the local Convergint teams, and its partners to ensure consistent delivery and adherence to standards.

Contract Vehicles

Convergint holds many contract vehicles which help to simplify the procurement process and provide national purchasing power to eligible agencies.  Learn more

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