This is Part III of a three-part series authored by Rebecca Law, Business Development Manager for Convergint Technologies, and an expert in citywide safety solutions. View the full interview here

Total Recall, a Convergint Technologies company, provides municipal governments, businesses, and organizations – both large and small – with citywide safety solutions. Citywide safety solutions are the people, processes, and technology that view and leverage live & recorded outdoor video images & analytics to make real-time decisions on actions and solve crimes.

Crime Eye Camera
Three Major Components of Citywide Surveillance

1. Video data collection at the street level – There is a saying in this industry: “garbage in, garbage out,” which means that a city must have quality, reliable cameras and peripheral equipment collecting video data if administrators want to be able to view quality video and properly analyze it. The components that Convergint provides at the street level are industry-leading IP cameras, uninterruptable power supplies (UPS), network switches & transmission electronics, and proper environmental, rugged enclosures that are designed specifically for citywide safety, to protect the electrical and mechanical components. Enclosures that do not have good air flow and dust protection will shorten the life span of the electronics that they are designed to protect.

2. Video transmission network – This can be wired or wireless, but it must be done properly by an experienced company. Cameras are easy to mount and connect, but knowing how to design a wireless network and which components go where is actually complex and takes a very experienced integrator of wireless solutions. There are great variations in capabilities across wireless products available in the marketplace today.

3. Video management software solution and servers – When quality video is successfully transmitted back to a real-time crime center or monitoring location, a leading video management system software platform with video synopsis capabilities will allow administrators to quickly and effectively search the video and obtain the data that you need. There are some video management systems that have components and features just for cities and police departments.

Benefits of Citywide Surveillance

The most direct benefit of citywide safety solutions is lower crime rates in the area where the cameras are installed. These cameras not only have the immediate effect of deterring crimes, but as cases begin to be solved and criminals realize they will likely be caught, they typically commit fewer crimes. When crime rates decrease, quality of life increases for citizens. Safer parks and recreation areas tend to attract more families to areas. Safe environments and quality education offerings attract more families. Low crime statistics and good quality of life attract top professional talent to local employers. Low crime rates enhance citizen confidence and productivity. Consumer spending and growing local businesses create economic development. All of which lead to cities growing and prospering.