As active shooter incidents continue to rise in frequency, the newest FBI statistics are currently at the highest average in the last two years in a two-year period. In response to these growing concerns, Convergint partners with EAGL Technology to provide the Emergency Automatic Gunshot Lockdown (EAGL) System, a fully automated active shooter response system designed to protect the public from active shooter incidents and detect gunfire both indoors and outdoors.

The EAGL System was developed independently in response to the Sandy Hook tragedy. Technologies have been integrated over the past several years. After closely looking at recent active shooter incidents the group decided something had to happen within the first seconds of shots fired if lives were going to be saved.

Solution Overview: EAGL System


Once an active shooter is detected, an image is sent of the building layout, along with ballistic data and shooter location, to local law enforcement. The EAGL System provides live video streaming at all times and integrates with public address systems designed to alert soft targets of potential threats with a response time of less than 30 seconds.

  • Full facility lockdown capability fully automated if gunfire is detected

  • Integrates with most public address systems and mass communication systems to alert building occupants of potential threats

  • Easy to install with capability to put the entire building security under one umbrella; fire, burglar, CCTV, access control, chemical, and biological sensors

  • Live video streaming is accessible via EAGL interface at all times

  • Real-time data dissemination

  • Provides critical information to law enforcement and building officials to enable immediate and appropriate actions for optimal outcomes

  • Ability to control multiple buildings with multiple scenarios

  • Enables facility card access control to deny access to those who do not belong

  • Mostly wireless, scalable, and easy to install

  • Real-time ballistic analysis

Through the EAGL System’s approach to be a fully activated emergency response system, first responders are able to act immediately to a threat. Not only will teams become more effective by standardizing all alarm-related workflows, but the centralization of alarm monitoring will lead to greater situational awareness and a higher level of security. This technology is available for any industry but could be especially helpful for Citywide Surveillance, Commercial Offices, Data Centers, Campuses, Healthcare, Public Use, and Transportation customers.

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